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The technology solution is very close to you

01 company is a startup company contains 6 employee , we will help your company and your business to grow up . 01 company will provide you a whole operation such as project management , customer relationship management and Financial accounting systems . 



Technology Which You Can Control

Providing a Number 1 Service


We will provide you very high quality to make you satisfied 

Fast Performance

Our professional team works to complete all the details of your company and solve it in an innovative way within the shortest period of time, often ranging from three days to two weeks

Online Support

Our 24/7 support won't make you worry about anything out of the ordinary and we are responsible for solving all your problems no matter how difficult

Top Security

All your information and your database is strictly confidential and we do not have any authority to see it or even access it and mention these terms in our legal contract between you and us

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Through our technical experience, you and your business team will be able to complete the tasks in a smooth and professional manner, and this will be reflected in customer loyalty and thus increase and rise in sales and profits

Accessible from All Locations

Through our available technologies and cooperation partners, you will be able to work from anywhere and from any device! There are no restrictions and no need to go to the office every day and sort paper files. With one look, you will be able to analyze your business performance from all sides

01 programming_edited.png

We've Come a Long Way

Brief summary of our story


Zero One started three years ago as an idea and we will start it this year as an implementation of the idea.
We were five young people working in a startup company, and the biggest problem that we faced was the technical and operational problem. To avoid this problem, we entered into a big float with software companies, developers, and even software systems products available on the Internet. Unfortunately, in the end, we did not get the result and the system that brings us all the advantages in one place .
We are here in Zero One Company. We will allow you to shorten the life of your work by three years to be able to work with the highest professionalism from the first moment you start your own business, whether you are an individual or a company that contains hundreds of employees.


What People are Saying

Now I have the ability to follow up on my work from home and see the results with complete ease and smoothness

AbduLatif hani

Nothing compares to working in an orderly, organized and restructuring manner, I thank Zero One Company for providing me with these advantages

Alex khan

As a marketing director for the company, I would like to say that the advantages of the system provided to me by Zero One Company increased the company's sales profits by 27 percent.

Rama Khaled


Our Successful Software partner







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